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Currently the school offers:

- for the mechanical technician course

The police profile: the curriculum enriched with the elements of forensic and civil law, mechanoscopy, forensics, the workshops at firing range and self-defense classes. It also offers trips to the Law Department (forensics faculty – participating at the classes), Museum of Forensics, attending court cases and classes at Słupsk Police Academy. Learners participate in uniform classes tournaments.

The Marine profile:

· 1st year of studying consists of gaining the certificate in sports sailing on the basis of which students may be awarded necessary qualifications to sail yachts, issued by ISSA Poland;

· 2nd year of studying consists of gaining qualifications in poweboating on the basis of which learners are allowed to operate the powerboats – motorboat helmsman issued by ISSA Poland;

· 3rd year of studying consists of gaining 4 safety certificates issued by Maritime Office in Słupsk;

· Basic Medical Help;

· Individual Rescue Techniques;

· Fire protection– foundation level;

· Individual and Group Safety

· Cooperation and work experience on the ships of Polish Baltic Shipping (work experience at machine-room and operating the technical equipment)

· practical training and workshops including ship engine Simulator and navigating at Navy Training Center in Ustka

- for the mechatronics technician course

Firefighting profile – additional classes in road rescue, first aid professional classes, extracurricular self-defense classes and firefighting educational classes delivered by professional firefighters. Learners take part in professional Volunteer Fire Department tournaments and prepares them for the recruitment for university professional courses.

Aviation profile – learners are able to gain additional qualifications in plane servicing, repairs of plane components and their equipment and receive the license of a glider pilot. The curriculum consists of aviation law, meteorology, aviation medicine, aerodynamics, flight mechanics, air navigation and safety during the flight. There is a possibility of increasing the knowledge in the field of servicing and technical valuation of gliders and ultralight aeroplanes which proves the course to be educationally attractive. The practical education takes place at Słupsk Aeroclub.

For the vehicle technician course:

Military profile: on the basis of the established cooperation with the 7th Brigade of the Coastal Defense and The Polish Force Protection Battalion of the Base in Redzikowo the students are provided with:

- The essential and logistic support in their educational process,

- The information and promotion support in order to promote uniform forces,

- The ability to participate in crucial annual and historical events of the Brigade

There are also additional professional classes demonstrating the nature of the military service, meetings with professional servicemen and presenting the history of 7BOW and BOR, sport activities and preparation for the possible military careers as well as the development of passions.

- for the logistic and freight technicians

Military Logistics Profile – on the basis of the signed cooperation with the 6th Military Economic Department in Ustka.

The nature of the military logistics differs from the general logistics, however, is crucial for the cooperation with the NATO partners. The learners participate in additional classes in this field.

Within the above mentioned cooperation, learners are to have practical classes delivered as well as the workshops. They are to participate in classes involving the use of military equipment of the 6th Military Economic Department in Ustka.

e-sport Classes- the theory and practice of the widely understood computer game strategies connected with physical activities. The development of manual and intellectual skills, observational abilities, logical thinking, planning and decision ma king as well as predicting the outcomes. The rise in self – esteem and the success. It teaches the fair play and following the rules of a game. The course consists of 1h per week and includes the nonviolent games.

Zespół Szkół Mechanicznych i Logistycznych im. inż. T. Tańskiego in Słupsk is so far the first and only school in the northern region which established the relationship with American Army based in Redzikowo ( Naval Support Facility US Army.) The signed agreement provides the school with language support in English classes, concentrating on the practicality of using English . Due to the fact that since 1st September 2017 the school has offered the educational courses including the military profile, the cooperation includes the exchange of experiences among the learners and the soldiers. What is more, in consists of the cultural exchange as well learners teaching Polish.

The school has run the Careers Office which has a strong relationship with the employers cooperating with school and the Job Centre in order to provide our current and former students with jobs. Each year the Careers Office organizes Job Fair for the students as well as the local community. The main objective of the fair is to promote our students and their qualifications in the local employment market. The last year’s edition of the fair provided our graduates with 2-3 job offers, often connected with the possibility of continuing the further education. The aim of running the Office is to prepare the students for their job interviews, teach them how to select the appropriate attire, savoir vivre and body language.

One of the most crucial aims of the Careers Office is to promote the Life Long Learning ethos.

A) the signed agreements with the external partners:

In order to raise the quality of work at school a number of agreements have been signed with the external school partners:


1. 23.08.2016r annex to the agrement signed 19.05.2015r. with Centrum Szkolenia Marynarki Wojennej (Navy Training Center in Ustka)

2. 28.06.2016r. agrement with Akademia Pomorska in Słupsk (Pomeranian University in Słupsk)

3. 23.09.2016r. agrement with 6. Wojskowym Oddziałem Gospodarczym in Ustka (the 6th Military Economic Department in Ustka.)

4. 01.09.2016 three-part agreement with Kamir Sp. z o. o and Centrum Kształcenia Praktycznego for thepractical classes

5. 01.09.2016 three-part agreement with Plasmet Czechowicz sp.j. and Centrum Kształcenia for the practical classes

6. 01.09.2016 three-part agrement with Visser Group Poland Sp. z o. o i Centrum Kształcenia Praktycznego for practical classes

7. 01.09.2016 the three-part agreement with KRAT-MET Sp.j. Centrum Kształcenia Praktycznego for practical classes

8. 02.12.2016 agreement with 6 Wojskowym Oddziałem Gospodarczym in Ustka (the 6th Military Economic Department in Ustka.)

9. 12.01.2017r. agreement with Batalionem Ochrony Bazy w Redzikowie (The Polish Force Protection Battalion of the Base in Redzikowo)

10. 08.02.2017 agreement with Miasto Słupsk, Pl. Zwycięstwa 3 and Primary School no 9 and The Polish Fishing Assosiation – area of Słupsk, Słupsk Volunteer Water Rescue Ambulance, Sea and River League in Słupsk, Professional Development Centre for the Teachers in Słupsk, Head of Maritime Office in Słupsk

11. 10.01.2017r. agreement with Centrum Kształcenia Praktycznego (Vocational Skills Development Centre)

12. 23.03.2017 agreement with Pomorska Wojewódzka Komenda Ochotniczych Hufców Pracy w Gdańsku (Volunteering Work Detachment) .

13. 25.04.2017 agreement with 7 Brygadą Obrony Wybrzeża w Słupsku (7th Brigade of the Coastal Defense)

14. 08.05.2017 agreement with Miasto Słupsk and ISSA Poland to raise the quality of vocational education.

15. Agreement with Naval Support Facility US Army

16. 01.09.2017r. agrement with Komenda 11-23 Hufca Pracy (Head of 11-23 Volunteering Work Detachment)

17. 30.05.2017r. agrement with Wojskowym Komendantem Uzupełnień in Słupsk (Military Recruitment Centre) .

18. 09.06.2017r. agrement with Miasto Słupsk and Aeroklub Słupsk (Słupsk Aeroclub).

Agreements signed before 2016/2017:

  1. Politechnika Koszalińska, (Technical University in Koszalin)
  2. Instytut Fizyki Akademii Pomorskiej w Słupsku ul. Arciszewskiego 22b, (The Physics Department of Pomeranian University)
  3. Wyższa Hanzeatycka Szkoła Zarządzania w Słupsku, (The School of Management)
  4. Słupska Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa na Region Słupski, (Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  5. Auto Diug ul. Poznańska 74 w Słupsku,

6. Centrum Kształcenia Praktycznego w Słupsku, (Vocational Skills Development Centre)

  1. Ochotnicza Straż Pożarna z Oddziałem Ratownictwa Wodnego Klubu Działalności Podwodnej „Nautilus” w Słupsku, (Volunteer Fire Department with the Water Rescue Club)
  2. Wojewódzki Ośrodek Ruchu Drogowego w Słupsku, ul. Mierosławskiego 10, (Driving Center)
  3. Aeroklub Słupski, (Słupsk Aeroclub)
  4. Szkoła Policji w Słupsku, (The Police Academy in Słupsk)
  5. Komenda Miejska Państwowej Straży Pożarnej w Słupsku, (The Fire Station in Słupsk)
  6. STERLOG Usługi Doradcze i Konsultingowe Wiesław Staniuk ul. Słoneczna 8b Włynkówko,
  7. HYDRO-NAVAL Spółka z o.o. ul. Braci Staniuków 16,
  8. Urząd Morski w Słupsku Al. Sienkiewicza 18, (The Town Hall)
  9. Centrum Szkolenia Marynarki Wojennej Ustka Lędowo 1N, (Navy Training Center in Ustka)
  10. MZK Sp. z o.o, PGK, OBI, ZDZ, Kamir Sp.z o.o, Fiskars Polska Sp. z o. o
  11. Gino Rossi S.A.,
  12. Komenda Miejska Policji w Słupsku, (The Police Station)
  13. Polska Żegluga Bałtycka S.A. - Polferries, (Polish Baltic Shipping)
  14. Wojskowy Komendant Uzupełnień w Słupsku, (Military Recruitment Centre)
  15. Przedsiębiorstwo Instalacji Przemysłowych i Sanitarnych „Ce-STA”,
  16. Troton Sp.zo.o,
  17. Zakładem Doskonalenia Zawodowego w Słupsku, (Vocational Centre)
  18. Kospel S.A,
  19. AJ Fabryką Mebli,
  20. Akademia Pomorska w Słupsku, (Pomeranian University)
  21. 6. Wojskowy Oddział Gospodarczy w Ustce, (the 6th Military Economic Department in Ustka)
  22. Firma Kamir Sp. z o. o,
  23. Firma Visser Group Poland Sp. z o. o ,
  24. Firma KRAT-MET Sp.j.

31. Batalion Ochrony Bazy w Redzikowie , (The Polish Force Protection Battalion of the Base in Redzikowo)

32. Polski Związek Wędkarski – Okręg Słupsk, Liga Morska i Rzeczny Oddział Słupsk, Ośrodek Doskonalenia Nauczycieli w Słupsku , (The Polish Fishing Assosiation – area of Słupsk, Słupsk Volunteer Water Rescue Ambulance, Sea and River League in Słupsk, Professional Development Centre for the Teachers in Słupsk)

School Clubs:

- film

-stock Exchange

- declamatory

- Modelling and electronics

- City Automation

-Make-up ,



-designing and 3d printining

- varnishing with Novol, Gawin and Troton companies

-School newspaper PARADA

- sports

- EU

School trips to:

-Varnishing Centre of Gawin

- Companies such as Plasmet in Widzino , na Akademia Pomorska (workshops with AutoCAD)

- Fairs: Automaticon, Politechnika Koszalińska.

- Markos.

- Moto Show,

- Airport in Gdańsku and Terminal DTC,

- MotoShow in Poznan.

C) Projects:

- Vocational School is the School of the Right Choice – raising the quality of education at Secondary Vocational Schools in Słuspsk”, financed by Regionalny Program Operacyjny Województwa Pomorskiego, 2014-2020.

- ERASMUSPLUS, (POWER),2 and 3 week work experience classes in Lipsk, Germany.

- The Careers Office: Job Fair, March 2017

- EduDay Fair in November 2016 and April 2017r.

- „Kuźnia Kadr Morski” Project: ISSA Professional training for 2 students in Croatia;

- on the basis of the agreement with Polish Baltic Shipping adult students did work experience on the ships of PBS

- Stowarzyszenie Oświatowo-Wychowawcze Mechanik (the Educational Assosiation „Mechanik”) gained al most 20000PLN to fulfill the Projects:

- „Rysuj, drukuj, konstruuj” (Draw, print, design)

- „Porady na odpady” (Adivce on dump)

- „ Świat widziany z lotu ptaka” (The birdseye view of the Word)

- „Żyj finansowo! Czyli jak zarządzać finansami w życiu osobistym” (Live financially ! How to manage your finances)
- Participation in innercity secondary schools Network. 2 of our teachers are the coordinators,

- our school took part in EduArctic Project and the Globetrotter Club at Pomeranian University

- gaining funds from mBank for the development of mathematical skills: “mPotęga” and “A może nad morze”

-Erasmus+ Power: “I learn how to teach well” – Project which allows the teachers to enhance their qualifications and learn foreign languages

D) Participation in quizes, contests, tournaments and school events:

-Wojewódzki Konkurs Wiedzy Technicznej, (Technical Knowledge Competition)

- Ogólnopolskie Mistrzostwa Młodych Lakierników, (All-Poland Varnishing Competition)

- Turniej Lakierniczy, (Varnishing Competition)

- Ogólnopolski Konkurs 8 Wspaniałych, (All-Poland Competition of 8Wanderfuls)

- Szkolny Konkurs Wiedzy o Patronie i Historii Szkoły, (The History of School and its Patron Competition)

- Konkurs na budowę turbiny wiatrowej, (Wind Turbine Design Competition)
- Dzień Języków Obcych, obchody Halloween, ochody Dnia Św. Patryka, (Celebration of Modern Foreign Languaages, Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day)
-Konkurs „Mini Globe” – (the Best English Speaking School Production),

- Konkurs „Discover CANADA 2017”, (- cultural competition)

- German, English and Cultural school competitions

- lessons delivered by the soldiers of US NAVY based in Redzikowo,
- PE basketball les sons with US NAVY from Redzikowo,
- Film Competition

-Set books competition

- Declamatory Competition „Podróże z Herbertem”,

- Sung Poetry Competition

- XV All-Poland Declamatory Competition of Gustaw Zieliński,

- Reading out loud for the Children „Święto majowe”

- Film Competition „X Muza” organised by MCK in Słupsk,

- Science and Maths Day

- International Maths Competition „Kangur”,

- Maths Minimarathon,

- GeoPlaneta – All-Poland geography competition,

- All- Poland Physics Competition „Lwiątko” ,

- Maths Competition „Pangea”,

- Ecological Competition „Teraz Woda” organised by „Wodociągi Słupsk”,

- Ecological Competition „Ochrona i zarządzanie zasobami natury w celu zapewnienia trwałego i zrównoważonego rozwoju” at Zespole Szkół Agrotechnicznych w Słupsku, (Natural resources)

- II Słupskich Potyczkach Matematycznych w I LO in Słupsk – Maths Competition

- Physics and Maths competition „Zdolni z Pomorza” ,

- All-Poland ecological competition „Eko-Planeta”,

-collection of old mobilephones and used batteries,

- Job Fair organised by the Careers Office,

- EduDay educational fair ,
- Car Contest in Warsaw,

-Enterprise Day

- Boys Valleyball tournament,
- trips to Forensics Department Gdańsk University,
- All- Poland uniform tournament,

- trips to International Technical fair for the Police Forces ,

- dactyloscopy classes at Akademia Pomorska ,

- Firefighting Competition in Jezierzyce

- participation at Military Firefighting Manouvers at the base in Redzikowo,

- Indoor Athletics Tournament,

- Słupsk Youth Olimpics,

- Basketball tournament at ZSMiL,

- Crosscountry run,

- Yacht Sailor course,

- individual athletics competition

- collection of dog food for the local dog shelter.

- The Health Day

- School’s Valentine’s Day.

- SUDOKU workshops

- Math’s Competition of gen. Kaliskiego organised by WAT,
- Charity Collection for Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy.
- Volunteering: Dzień Godności Osób Niepełnosprawnych (The Respect for the Disabled Day) , Christmas with Caritas, Easter with Caritas, the Noble Gift, food banks

- meetings with the Police and discussions about cybercrime

- Youth Town Council meeting in Elbląg

- promoting the bone marrow donating „Muszkieterowie Szpiku”

-School Chess Competition

-Logistics Competition

- Children’s day with Caritas,

- attending the car design and technical conference „Innowacje w konstrukcji samochodów a ochrona środowiska”

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